Hong Kong in Between

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A book about stag an the hidden back lanes of hong Kong

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Swiss architects and researchers Géraldine Borio and Caroline Wüthrich have been living and working in Hong Kong since 2010, when they established their architectural firm, Parallel Lab, there. Since then, they've been fascinated by the micro-level of urban life in Hong Kong, and it's led to a major project: the pair investigated the ways the city's residents use the narrow lanes that run behind and between the city's high-rises, semi-public spaces that offer venues for business, social interaction, and a wide range of informal encounters. Hong Kong in Between presents the results of this exploration through a mix of black-and-white drawings, diagrams, plans, photographs, and texts that reveal the active, ever-changing life of these forgotten, in-between spaces. An enthusiastic engagement with urban life and a work of art in its own right,Hong Kong in Between reveals a city little seen and endlessly fascinating.

  • TitreHong Kong in Between
  • AuteursGéraldine Borio,Caroline Wüthrich
  • Date de publication2015-05-21
  • ÉditeurPark Book
  • Nombre de pages232
  • Versionpreview-1.0.0
  • Langueen
  • Type d'impressionBOOK
  • CatégoriesArchitecture
  • ISBN - 103906027775
  • ISBN - 139783906027777

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Hong Kong in Between

Hong Kong in Between

A book about stag an the hidden back lanes of hong Kong