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May issue editorial affords the awkward question of architecture criticism.

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Domus visits the extension of the Glasgow School of Art designed by Steven Holl and the extension by Smiljan Radic of the Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art of a 19th-century building in Santiago del Cile; then goes to Gaibandha, Bangladesh, to talk about the Friendship Centre by Kashef Chowdhury in a predominantly agricultural landscape, and visits tha apartment building by Buchner Brundler Architekten in Basel. Furthermore analyzes the innovative facade construction technique developed by Hans Kollhoff that minimises or conceals the joints.

On the occasion of two exhibitions dedicated to their work Domus publishes the text of Hans Hollein’s most ground-breaking and far-sighted manifesto, accompanied by archive material and unpublished drawings and Giulio Minoletti’s appeal, launched in 1948 to the press of the time to give more space to architecture criticism.

“Design matters” makes the point on Milan Design Week with designers, architects and critics’ opinions: Antonio Citterio, Pierre-Alain Croset, Lorenzo Damiani, Manolo De Giorgi, Beppe Finessi, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Paolo Rizzatto, Marco Romanelli, Federica Zanco.

Domus continues the investigation on architecture schools looking, this month, to northern Europe. Paolo Fusi talks about how he faces the designing of individual buildings and public spaces in the teaching proposed by the chair of Urban Design at the new HefenCity University in Hamburg and Karl Otto Ellefsen, rector of the Oslo school, outlines the salient points of a didactic approach that focuses on close collaboration between teachers of the humanities and sciences.

Angela Vettese reads the triple exhibition devoted to Ettore Spalletti in three Italian public museums of contemporary art, and then in Paris, Domus visits the big retrospective dedicated to Bill Viola at Grand Palais. The feedback is about George Baird’s Toronto, finally the elzeviro by Vincenzo Trione analyzes the contemporary city, became a shiny object of consumption.

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May issue editorial affords the awkward question of architecture criticism.