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Max Bill, né le 22 décembre 1908 à Winterthour, (Suisse) et mort le 9 décembre 1994 à Berlin, est un architectepeintresculpteur, éditeur, théoricien de l’art et homme politique suisse.

Max Bill 

concrete design 
is a kind of creation that develops from its own means and laws without having to borrow or derive these from external natural phenomena. visual creation is therefore based on colour, form, space, light, and movement. although every sort of creative work is stimulated by inspiration it cannot be completed without clear and precise form-giving. through the act of form-giving the works in the process of being created acquire a concrete form, they are translated from their purely intellectual existence into facts, they become objects of visual and intellectual use. 
although the point here is not to compare the creation of form in music with form-giving in the fields of painting and sculpture, it is still possible to draw parallels that offer viewpoints from which concrete visual creation can be regarded. music has created forms like, for example, bach’s fugues, which will have an eternal validity. this musical form is not based on an imitation of nature, but is a purely intellectual treatment of the theme. with the use of fantasy it is handled according to certain plans and laws and is transformed and heightened, allowing the creation of a completed effect, which is peculiar to music, of a sequence of tones within a certain space and time. 
in the same way as clear and clean musical forms are pleasant for the listener and, due to the way they are constructed, offer those with a certain level of knowledge great delight, so pure, clear forms and colours should visually delight the viewers.

Max Bill. In Search of the ‘Primitive Hut’ 
Stanislaus von Moos
Max Bill's Transversal 
Hans Frei
Max Bill. Exhibition Architect 
Karin Gimmi
Concrete Construction? Three Examples 
Arthur Rüegg
Works and Projects
Swiss National Library, 
Bern, Switzerland, 1927
Studio House Bill, 
Zurich-Höngg, Switzerland, 1932-1933
Hodel gardener’s house, 
Riehen, Switzerland, 1934-1936
Swiss Pavilion, 
Milan Triennale, Italy, 1936
"Zurich-the garden-city on the lake", 
Switzerland, 1937
Restaurant Neue Waid, 
Zurich, Switzerland, 1937
Swiss Pavilion, 
Paris International Exhibition, France, 1937
Swiss Pavilion, 
New York World’s Fair, USA, 1939
Monument to Honour Work
Zurich, Switzerland, 1939
Villiger House, 
Bremgarten, Switzerland, 1942
Housing development, 
Israel, 1947-1948
Exhibition Die gute Form, 1949 
House for a pair of artists, 
Ascona, Switzerland, 1949
Kolbenacker school, 
Zurich-Seebach, Switzerland, 1949
Housing tower blocks, 
Zurich, Switzerland, 1950
Hochshule für Gestaltung, 
Ulm, Germany, 1950-1955
Swiss Pavilion, 
Venice Biennale, Italy, 1951
Swiss Pavilion, 
Milan Triennale, Italy, 1951
Monument to the Unknown Political Prisoner, 1952 Max Bill
Cantonal school Freudenberg, 
Zurich, Switzerland, 1953-1954
City of Ulm Pavilion, 
Stuttgart, Germany, 1956
Neuhausen, Switzerland, 1957
Fleckhaus House and Bold House, 
Odenthal, Germany, 1960-1961
Imbau-Spannboden AG building, 
Leverkusen, Germany, 1960-1961
Lichtdruck AG Building, 
Dielsdorf, Switzerland, 1960-1961
Expo 64, 
Lausanne, Switzerland, 1961-1964
Radio Zürich Studios, 
Zurich, Switzerland, 1964-1974
Studio House Bill, 
Zumikon, Switzerland, 1967-1968
Max Bill's pavilion sculptures Jakob Bill
Dissolved Spaces Georg Aerni
Texts by Max Bill
Concrete design (1936) 
The mathematical approach in contemporary art (1949) 
Statement (1974-1976) 
The Beginning of a New Epoch in Architecture (1955) 
Structure as art? art as structure? (1965) 
From functionalism to function (1979)

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2G 29/30 Max Bill. Architect

2G 29/30 Max Bill. Architect

Max Bill, né le 22 décembre 1908 à Winterthour, (Suisse) et mort le 9 décembre 1994 à Berlin, est un architectepeintresculpteur, éditeur, théoricien de l’art et homme politique suisse.