Landscape Futures

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Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions

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This work travels the shifting terrains of architectural invention, where new spatial devices on a variety of scales - from the handheld to the inhabitable - reveal previously overlooked dimensions of the built and natural environments. From philosophical toys and ironic provocations to a room-sized kinetic mechanism that models future climates, these devices are not merely diagnostic but creative, deploying fictions as a means of exploring different futures. Exhibition: Nevada Museum of Art (13.08.2011-12.2.2012).

  • TitreLandscape Futures
  • Sous titreInstruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions
  • AuteursGeoff Manaugh
  • Date de publication2013
  • ÉditeurActarbirkhauser
  • Nombre de pages307
  • Versionpreview-1.0.0
  • Langueen
  • Type d'impressionBOOK
  • CatégoriesArchitecture
  • ISBN - 108415391145
  • ISBN - 139788415391142

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Landscape Futures

Landscape Futures

Instruments, Devices and Architectural Inventions